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Forum Science Association

Forum Science (Forum Nauka) is a non-governmental organization based in Sofia, Bulgaria, whose mission is to disseminate and raise awareness in society on the achievements and current progress and results in science, research and innovation and to provide a platform to researchers and inventors to share their knowledge. It is currently the leading science communication media in Bulgaria. 

The association Forum Science started its activities in 2005 with the objective to share proven news and curious facts known in science which made their footprint on the universal human knowledge and values. European values are deeply rooted within our understanding and we are daily committed to raise the access to and the level of quality education based on knowledge, curiosity and entrepreneurial thinking, and to support the overall understanding and shared values on cultural diversity and freedom of speech in support of building resilient civil society in Bulgaria.

With the accession of Bulgaria to the EU in 2007 and national efforts to integrate the BUlgarian research and innovation communities in the European Research Area and enable freedom of knowledge, people, ideas and research results we have targeted our activities to support the Bulgarian research organizations in the implementation of their policy actions reflecting societal and global challenges and bringing their research and training practices to international standards. In particular guiding and advising young researchers in participation in programmes and projects, learning new methodologies, science communication, principles of open science and citizen science, SDGs and other world trends promoting R&I in benefit of human progress.

Facing nowadays challenges of misinformation, disinformation and fake news, the Forum Science is working hard with R&I, governmental and non-governmental, business and media sector to encourage the permanent interest of citizens in scientific knowledge and data, in an active expression of researchers views and results based on trustful resources thus stimulating societal debate on important topics such as health, energy, democracy, history, security, etc. 

The Association is an active partner in national, regional and European projects devoted to science communication and dissemination, training and mobility of professionals in R&I, supporting media communication and smart media solutions enabling enhancement and understanding of the potential of R&I for citizens and industry. One of our goals is in particular to support building a new generation of young people with understanding of social and climate challenges and being entrepreneurial, knowledgeable and motivated in finding solutions and supporting inclusion and international dialogues. 

Forum Science has ample experience with dissemination and communication management, social media marketing, event production and training. We are leading partner in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects: FRESH (Find Researchers Everywhere and SHare) and REFRESH (Relate, Experience, Find Researchers Everywhere and Share), K-TRIO 5 that have successfully brought events to the European Researchers’ Night in Bulgaria for the past 8 years,

We are involved in organizing and working on EUCYS Sofia and SCIENCE+, among others. Its media services are employed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Energy, the Bulgarian Academy of Science, several universities, and prolific businesses in the scientific sphere

Forum Science has a large network of communication connections among schools (more than 2000) and municipalities (over 200) and our media services are used by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science for promoting the Operational Programme „Science and Education for Smart Growth“ under ESIF. 

For 17 years we are achieving our goals through:

  • Development of a national portal – www.nauka.bg  where all content is published and shared with an audience of more than 400 000 people of all ages, genders and interests.
  • A growing collection of over 800 video interviews with researchers and innovators
  • A free and paid e-magazine – Bulgarian Science. The magazine is published monthly. It informs its readers on developments in Bulgarian and world science in an easily digestible and engaging manner.
  • Over 200 published issues of the e-magazine, with a total of over 5 000 000 user downloads. 
  • Podcast – BG Science. The podcast features interviews with scientists and leaders in the scientific community.
  • Event organization –small- and large-scale events, presented and advertised to the public, detailing results from new and ongoing research projects.
  • A partnership for 10 consecutive years with the Sofia Science Festival
  • Participation in EUCYS Sofia (2019)
  • Social media – with an audience of more than 70 000 on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and expertise on social media advertising, Forum Science can guarantee that content related to science will find an invested audience
  • Annually, the content has over 29 million reach


Contact us at: petar@nauka.bg