Forum Science Association

Forum Science (Forum Nauka) is an NGO based in Sofia, Bulgaria, whose mission is to give publicity and an impact platform to people doing science all over the world. It is currently the leading science communication media in Bulgaria. The purpose of our work is to bring science and society closer together. We do this through promoting and supporting the work of different scientific organizations.

Forum Science has ample experience with dissemination, such as: website design and management, social media marketing, and specifically event production for the projects FRESH (Find Researchers Everywhere and SHare) and REFRESH (Relate, Experience, Find Researchers Everywhere and Share) that have successfully brought events to the European Researchers’ Night in Bulgaria for the past 4 years and for 2020 and 2021 we work in K-TRIO 4 and K-TRIO 5 projects (for European Researchers’ Night 2020 and 2021). Forum Science has a large network of communication connections among schools (more than 2000) and municipalities (over 200) and our media services are used by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science for promoting Operational Programmes. 

For 15 years we are achieving our mission through developing activities such as:

  • A website – where all content is published and shared with an audience of more than 400 000 of all ages, genders and interests.
  • A free e-magazine – Bulgarian Science. The magazine is published monthly to 25 000 subscribers. It informs its readers on developments in Bulgarian and world science in an easily digestible and engaging manner.
  • Podcast – BG Science. The podcast features interviews with scientists and leaders in the scientific community.
  • Event organization –small- and large-scale events, presented and advertised to the public, detailing results from new and ongoing research projects.
  • Video production and distribution, including live streaming – interviews, presentations, events, etc. that aim to popularize the activities of scientific and educational organizations to the public.
  • Social media – with an audience of more than 65 000 on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and expertise on social media advertising, Forum Science can guarantee that content related to science will find an invested audience

Key priorities for the organization are: the dissemination and democratization of science, bringing science and society closer together.


Petar Teodosiev

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Forum Science Association